Edible Icons


Art on A Gallery, New York, USA

Part of an exhibition celebrating the release of the documentary Streit's Matzo and the American Dream

Edible Icons are real Matzos covered with gold leaf in a labor intensive process, taking up to one month to complete. Each Matzo is unique. The surfaces change and mysteriously look like ancient tablets when photographed.

Matzos are the first fast food. They cook for only 18 minutes. I create a signed, limited edition of 18 Edible Icons every year. The number 18 means life in Hebrew. Bread is fundamental in every culture; French bread, Italian bread, fortune cookies...

Matzos are a symbol of freedom since they were created by the Jewish people during the exodus from Egypt as something quick and durable to eat in the desert.

Edible Icons are in both public and private collections all over the world and are known to bring good luck to all who own them.

—Judi Harvest

 Edible Icons - golf leafed matzos


Edible Icons gold leafed matzos 


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