The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice

The Venice Glass Week, September 7-15, 2019

The Venice Glass Week, September 7-15, 2019

Exhibiting at

Edmond à Venise

Dorsoduo 872
30123 Venice, Italy
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Opening Reception: September 12th at 6pm

The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice artists book by Judi Harvest

Our Honeybees, the ones residing in Murano, start their journey from the Honey Garden in Murano that Judi Harvest has planted in 2013 on a forgotten field behind the Giorgio Giuman Glass Factory on Sacca Serenella which today has become a beautiful flourishing garden hosting 7 Honeybee colonies. Vaporettos are essential in their commuting as they do not swim and the Laguna di Venezia does not have many places for a Honeybee to rest. They travel to and from their hives to the Cimetero to F. Nove and back. For instance, you can see them on Linea 4.2, on the roof, the windows or the ropes. 

Traveling opens our eyes and Honeybees have 5 of them! Traveling with them will show us the world from the point of view of nature’s most fragile, smallest and hardest workers with the biggest fundamental responsibilities and results. From our food to cotton, we cannot live without them. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating over 350,000 crops, one out of every three bites of food we eat every day. We must respect, protect and nourish them by planting pesticide free flowers and plants. 

Through Judi’s work, we will witness their everyday activities, jobs, navigating crowds, traveling with 3 times their body weight in pollen, public transportation challenges, bad weather, negative publicity, social media, dancing, cemeteries, intruders in their homes, security, artists, friendships and enemies, along with the excitement of local flavors and flowers, unique locations for their homes and swarming for good reasons. We will see their favorite drinking and dining spots and understand why. 

This exhibition, while relating the viewer to these marvelous, spiritual creatures, also brings awareness to the endangered Honeybees and Murano Glass Masters- two colonies of fragile, fundamental beauty. 

It is as much about our wild and precious lives as is about the Honeybees. Like a honeycomb, everything is connected.

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