October, 1990 page 237


Carpets of rose petals and dried leaves with the colors of autumn, summer memories of the cactus figs of Panarea, mark the passing of the seasons in the studio/residence in Venice of the American artist Judith Harvest, who for the past three years lived on the lagoon, letting the leaves and flowers enter the windows carried by the wind from the nearby garden. Now she has returned to New York having discovered Spring, Fall and Winter, for she, born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, growing up in Miami, knew only the eternal Summer. "Furniture, candles, fabrics and interiors play an important role in my work. For the moment I live and work in a single space, the line of demarcation is very thin (sometimes invisible) between what is art and what is not. I feel that art is something we must live with because there is no difference between art and life Carrying nature inside the house signifies the cancellation of spatial differences between what is inside and outside, creating a garden of wonderland with objects harvested here and there, often painted with leaves of gold, composing an atmosphere sparkling and seductive.

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