The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice


Judi Harvest wrote, illustrated and published a book titled “The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice.” Original watercolors and glass works are on view at Edmond à Venise gallery, presented for The Venice Glass Week, 2019.

  • $35 + shipping for watercolor book (signed limited edition of 250)
  • $65 + shipping for handmade lavender book (signed limited edition of 100) - pictured above

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"Our Honeybees, the ones residing in Murano, start their journey from the Honey Garden in Murano that Judi Harvest has planted in 2013 on a forgotten field behind the Giorgio Giuman Glass Factory on Sacca Serenella which today has become a beautiful flourishing garden hosting 7 Honeybee colonies. Vaporettos are essential in their commuting as they do not swim and the Laguna di Venezia does not have many places for a Honeybee to rest. They travel to and from their hives to the Cimetero to F. Nove and back. For instance, you can see them on Linea 4.2, on the roof, the windows or the ropes."

Watercolors from the book

Vaporetto 4.2, 2019

Vaporetto 20, 2019

Rialto Mercato, 2019

End of the Day, 2019

Murano, 2019

Diagheliv Resting, 2019

Burano, 2019

Lace Honeycombs, 2019

Ballet Slippers on Diagheliv’s Tomb, 2019

Sant’Erasmo, Where the Honeybees were Born, 2019

Melograno, 2019
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