Venetian Satellite


Curated by Daniela Gaddo Vedaldi and Stefano Stipitivich
September 7 - October 31 2006
Caffè Florian
Piazza San Marco
Venice, Italy

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Venetian Satellite

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Installation of Venetian Satellite at Caffè Florian, Venice


Venetian Satellite is available for purchase. Currently on view in the lobby of 526 West 26 Street in Chelsea. Contact us for further information.

Venetian Satellite – video by Judi Harvest

Catalog cover page from Venetian Satellite exhibition at Caffè Florian, Venice, 2006

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Judi Harvest and Moonik glass sculptures in Cafe Florian

Judi Harvest and Moonik glass sculptures in Caffè Florian

Murrina, art prints, Moonik flanked by two Moon Light glass sculptures in Cafe Florian

Murina, Moonik Martian and other artworks, including Moon Lights, all made in Murano by Judi Harvest

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