Centrotavola Veneziano

Basket and all sculptures, handmade Murano glass, soffiato; Basketweave, Diamond etched by hand, 46 x 85 x 46 cm 

installation view

Essay by Barbara Rose:
Nature Into Art: Judi Harvest’s Glass Still Life

"For The Gritti Palace, Harvest has created a glass centerpiece inspired by Caravaggio’s still life. Transforming nature into art, Harvest’s Centrotavola Veneziano is an elaborate glass basket filled with blown glass fruits and vegetables grown in the Venetian Lagoon; a real vessel that holds three-dimensional objects. The basket and its contents are not alive in the sense of conventional still life, but are creations of the artist’s imagination." ...more

Centrotavola Veneziano, 2018

Watercolor sketch for Centrotavola Veneziano, 2018

Asparagus et al, 2018

Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco, 2018

Mushrooms, 2018

Radicchio Tardivo di Treviso, 2018

Fiori di Zucca, 2018

Asparagus, 2018

Grapes, 2018

Pomegranates, 2018

Cherries and Radicchio, 2018

Garlic, 2018


January February 2020


Interni - 'From Nature to Art'

November 2018

The Flora Journal

The Flora Journal - 'Venetian glass centerpiece celebrating nature'

October 2018


VILLEGIARDINI, ARTE e natura: American Artist Judi Harvest (pp. 102-107)

September 2018

contessanally: Venice - The Venice Glass Week 2018 – Festival – Highlights

contessanally: Venice - The Venice Glass Week 2018 – Festival – Highlights

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